Service Desk: What do we do?

The Contegix Service Desk is here to help no matter what your issue is. From password resets to updates, we have saved in-house IT teams from handling countless issues. However, the typical requests aren’t the ones that are the most interesting or noteworthy.  Our team has handled some issues that were, a bit outside of the box. Here are a few of these stories.

We Do the Robot:

“I received a call from one of our PreK/Elementary school clients. After collecting her contact information, I asked what I could assist her with and she started laughing. After a minute, she told me that she needed me to update her robot. It turned out that a parent had donated a remote-controlled robot to the classroom, and it was in need of a firmware update. I went out to the website and found the update. We were able to plug the robot into the computer and get it updated. The robot even told us jokes after the update.”

We Help a Sister Out:

“One day I received a call from a client at a Convent. They are always the sweetest people to talked to. Though this particular day, one of them that was frustrated with being prompted for her password because she had forgotten what it was.

When I addressed her by name with her title, she said to me, ‘Don’t be so nice to me. I’m cranky right now.’ She said this in one of the calmest and nicest ways possible. In the end she was quite happy with the outcome of the call and it was difficult to believe she was so ‘cranky’.”

We Are a Shoulder to Lean On:

“A customer of one of our retail clients was stuck in an elevator at the client’s store.  The trapped occupant was upset and panicked. They were not really in need of technical support, what she was in need of was someone to calm her down and reassure her until she would be freed from the elevator.  For 26 minutes I did just that. Throughout this ordeal, I carried on a conversation with the customer. I asked about her day, her family, and other topics to keep her from focusing on her predicament. Once I was sure she was safe and sound, we said our good byes. Although this issue was not tech-related, I was glad to help anyway I could!”

In providing the exceptional customer service described above, our Service Desk exemplified the Contegix values of Respect and Care for All and Commit to Go Beyond.  These were not typical calls, but this was typical of our commitment to superior customer service. This is something we consistently provide every day to all of our customers, no matter what type of support a customer requires.