Sneak Peek: The Contegix Agility Bundle Deployment Engine

The Contegix Agility Bundle® deployment engine is nearly here.  In just a few short weeks, you will be able to say goodbye to your manual deployment processes.   

In the meantime, we have a sneak peek just for you.
Built for your whole team, the Agility Bundle simplifies deployments to a click of a button, boosts your organization’s overall productivity, and promotes reliability.  Take a look.


1. PROJECTSList of Sites & Machines

Simple inventory of your sites and other projects, connected by a single login. 


2. ENVIRONMENTSWorkflow Dashboard

Self-service management of your environments.  Add deployment targets and configure where your code, assets, and databases are deployed.


3. WORKFLOWAutomate Code Deployment

Opinionated workflow tailored to your needsContinuous delivery of code, assets, and databases between environments, controlled by role-based permissions.

Can’t wait for the launch? Request your private demo today.