Atlassian Cloud Migrations

At Contegix, we understand migrations can be an extremely frustrating process, but our Professional Services team is here to make it as painless as possible. With years of experience in the Atlassian ecosystem, you can be confident we have the team in place to handle any of the complexities you may require.

Whether it is a migration from legacy systems, moving from an on-premises deployment, or the consolidation of instances, we can help navigate potential pitfalls or roadblocks that may arise and reduce your cost to migrate overall. Our certified Atlassian experts have performed hundreds of Jira and Confluence migrations and will make your experience seamless and cost-effective with minimal disruption to your teams.

Don't Migrate Alone

With years of experience working with Atlassian, you can be assured we have the necessary skills and a dedicated team ready to help you! As a Cloud Specialized Platinum Partner, we have the experience you need to successfully migrate to the cloud.


After assessing your Atlassian footprint our experts will design a cloud migration plan that is tailored to your organizational needs, including setting up the entire cloud environment. We will evaluate any Atlassian access for user management (SSO) requirements and handle any licensing needs through our dedicated licensing team. From here we will choose the appropriate migration strategy and begin a runbook for documentation. 


We test migrations in a staging environment to troubleshoot, refine, and estimate the time involved. Our team maintains a meticulously repeatable runbook including any issues uncovered and fixed during UAT to assure a clean migration.

We will work alongside stakeholders so they can properly test and ensure the migration has been completed to acceptable criteria. Once the entire process has been documented and passed the testing, we communicate with your team to get sign-off and schedule the final migration at a time that limits the potential downtime impact.


We work closely with your team to perform a final test and quality assurance of your environment. Once the migration is complete, we provide the training and support needed to ensure your team feels supported and are on the path to success.

Start Your Cloud Journey

Contegix is recognized in the industry as the leader in performing Atlassian migrations. Whether you are looking to migrate your Atlassian instance(s) or are trying to figure out which tools are best for your situation, our team of Atlassian-certified experts can step in and make sure your migration is successful.

Interested in learning more? Download our white paper, Considering Atlassian Cloud: An 8-Step Decision Framework.

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