Performance Tuning

Contegix’s performance tuning services offer the expertise and experience to improve application performance and help decrease response times. Contegix helps organizations improve application performance by implementing best practices which include an environment performance assessment based on metrics, application monitoring and evaluation, load testing, and configurations. You can rely on our team of experts to assess and design your optimal performance improvement plan.

Optimization Strategy

Our entire team of consultants are Atlassian Certified Professionals and experts at reviewing and conducting application performance tuning services. For performance tuning implementations, we will identify all potential areas of improvement, apply low risk changes and develop a roadmap for complex modifications.

Redefining the Experience

As businesses grow, demands grow, and growth comes with implementing new processes. Often, we see processes and configurations that were implemented hastily with inaccuracies that adversely impacted the application performance. New scripts or add-ons can also unknowingly lead to performance issues. If you have attempted to improve performance without success, we are here to help!

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