Contegix Hadoop Hosting for Big Data

Contegix Hadoop Hosting allows you to focus on your data analysis applications, while we manage the hardware configuration and maintenance of your notoriously challenging Hadoop Cluster. Our experts will relieve the infrastructure part of your Big Data burden by taking systems administration off your hands, while creating the optimum environment to run your Hadoop cluster at its full potential.

Hadoop is the ideal solution for:

  • Processing Dynamic Data
  • Collecting & Analyzing Big Data in real time
  • Data lakes and data warehouses as large as 100 Petabytes
  • Mapping and Reducing Datasets of All Sizes
  • Digital ad arbitrage





How Can Contegix Host Hadoop?

Hybrid Metal– Hadoop simply does not perform very well in a purely virtual environment. That’s why Contegix experts have developed a HybridMetal solution. This is the ideal option for those customers needing the full power of Hadoop on our bare metal servers, while still leveraging our public or private cloud-based services to augment the more demanding map reduce functions.  It’s the best of both worlds.

BareMetal– Hadoop was written to run in a datacenter on large clusters of commodity class physical servers. The Contegix BareMetal solution is a package designed to run your Hadoop the way it was intended, on lower cost hardware, but backed with expert managed services and monitoring.

What are the Challenges of Hadoop Hosting?

Running Hadoop can be, in a word, challenging. Here are several of the hurdles you are likely encounter running Hadoop and how you can mitigate, or avoid them completely, with Contegix Hadoop Hosting:

Expensive: Hadoop was written to run in a data center on a large cluster of physical servers.  This can often result in an expensive capital expenditure for you to deal with.  With Contegix, you can leverage a fixed monthly rate with no capex!  Not only do you not need to purchase servers, you are entitled to full server refreshes every two years to realize the latest advances in computing power without the burden of owning and supporting aging equipment.

Infrastructure Setup & Maintenance: Setting up server gear is a huge headache that many teams encounter when deploying Hadoop. It requires making assumptions about how your workload might behave, and then configuring the servers and network before you even install the application. Contegix can handle all of this for you, allowing you to focus on your data.

Security: The security of your data has become one of the most important decisions factors of hosting. Contegix employs a combination of the highest level of physical and network security measures at our data centers to protect your cluster. We even satisfy PCI and HIPAA compliance needs.

Hardware Failures: By design, Hadoop is extremely redundant, so that in the case of a node failure, your workload is distributed across the other nodes. The reality is, hardware fails. No worries for Contegix customers. Contegix offers a 30-minute hardware replacement guarantee for our managed customers.  We’ll have your node replaced and reinstated into your cluster much faster than you could probably deploy it yourself.

Uptime: Hadoop is prized for its resiliency and consistency, but a widespread datacenter data center outage could mean a loss of computation.  This often means a loss of important transactions, sensor analysis, or revenue.  So it’s important to host it with a trusted Tier 3 provider, like Contegix, that can guarantee 100% power and network uptime.