Riak KV Hosting for Big Data

Businesses choose Basho’s Riak platform as a key component of their big data strategy because of its high availability and scalability, but without proper architecture design and hosting, they are often left underwhelmed by performance.

Contegix can host your Riak KV or Riak S2 solution on our Hybrid Metal or Bare Metal infrastructure to ensure your apps and analysis tools are running at their full potential. Combine Riak KV’s reputation for high availability with Contegix’s high performance infrastructure, and you have a recipe for excellence.

Riak KV is the ideal solution when:

  • You require storing web session data that could grow indefinitely.
  • You are storing sensor or beacon input that grows unpredictably.
  • Storing and analyzing log data that could grow very large.
  • You have extremely write-heavy applications.
  • Erlang is your language of choice.
  • When you absolutely can’t have a database with a single point of failure.
  • When traditional SQL options can no longer effectively handle your data.

How Can Contegix Host My Riak KV Platform?

Hybrid Metal

Contegix experts have developed a Hybrid Metal solution that’s ideal for those customers needing to host their scalable Riak cluster and application nodes in a performant and flexible environment.

Bare Metal

Big Data requires big power. The Contegix Bare Metal solution provides the CPU and memory resources to run your Riak cluster the way it was intended.


Cloud based clusters are ideal for short-term projects such as test and development. Contegix makes it easy to start with a cloud based development cluster, then move to more powerful production gear when needed.

Why Contegix Riak Hosting?

Big data applications require specialized infrastructure and horsepower to run at top performance. Contegix Hybrid Metal and Bare Metal infrastructures are designed to address your big data challenges.

Infrastructure specific to big data workloads

Contegix supports several server platforms, with our bare metal and hybrid metal solutions utilizing more commodity-based servers to allow greater performance at a lower cost.

Low latency, high throughput networks

For a distributed system like Riak to work optimally, the network that interconnects the servers must be highly efficient
, and deliver predictable low latency. Our 10 gigabit network options ensure your nodes are allowed to communicate with no bottlenecks.

Don’t be satisfied with the bare minimum

Basho recommends five nodes for a minimal production Riak cluster. As you add nodes, the percentage of the cluster required to service each request goes down. Riak scales linearly and predictably from this point on. Basho’s philosophy is to not be stingy with resources. Like Basho, Contegix strongly recommends an N+2 approach to ensure availability and performance. Our cost-effective solutions mean you don’t have to sacrifice data availability for cost.

Scale Linearly

Our offerings allow you to scale out as needed, in a predictable, horizontally linear fashion. Adding nodes is an easy process. When you add Contegix hardware management to your cluster, scaling out becomes even easier. Our graphs and utilization metrics make it easy to determine when to scale. Our proactive monitoring and alerts give you peace of mind that even if it’s the middle of the night on Thanksgiving, there are expert eyes on your infrastructure.

No limits

You are the master of your software stack. You have made painstaking decisions about the specific applications and versions you need to use. Don’t let your provider determine what you can and can’t do. At Contegix, it’s your cloud, your way. Check out this testimonial on CIO.com from clothing giant, Chicos to learn how one of our custom Riak hosting solutions worked for them.

Data Location

Not only is Contegix centrally located in the Continental US, we built our network for a global customer base. We specifically chose carriers for our managed network that have minimal latency to the Asia-Pacific region as well as Mainland Europe. We support clients all over the world, from Australia to Amsterdam and from Brazil to Bangkok, our network was designed to serve a global user base.


Optimum Node Set Up




All-In-One Option

Contegix can provide a hybrid solution consisting of both hosting and support for your web apps as well as your Riak Cluster, allowing you to:

  • Maximize the value delivered for your specific budget
  • Reduce latency while increasing application performance
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption by housing your app alongside your database
  • Improve customer experience


Contact Contegix and our team of Solution Architects today to build a customized and scalable solution that is appropriate for your unique workload.