DevOps Tooling for Development

Cascade manages and automates development workflows and allows for continuous application deployment. While developers focus on developing, Cascade deploys using a repeatable and automated deployment process, with optional configuration for advanced requirements or bespoke infrastructure. Designed for the entire team, including developers, deployers, admins and other members of the team, Cascade reduces the complexity associated with Drupal, WordPress, Node.js and the configuration of other LAMP based stacks. No YAML files or code to write to create a pipeline. The result: accelerated site delivery. In one case study, a customer reduced their deployment time from 8 hours to 10 minutes using Cascade.

Cascade is included when hosting with Contegix, or it can be deployed on your own infrastructure.


Multiple Technologies Supported

Deploy Anytime

Configurable Environments

   •  Development 
   •  Staging/QA
   •  Production 
   •  ...Custom 

Customizable Deployments

Customizable Flexible Deployments

Activity Logging

   • Full Transparency
   • Security & Compliance
   • Troubleshooting



   • Role-Based Access Control
   • Separation of Duties
   • Full Admin Access
   • Single-Sign-On
   • FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI Compatible 

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Cascade includes a fully functional instance of Gitlab installed in your environment!

Web-based Interface

Web-based interface for repository management.

Code Review

   • Inline comments
   • Track reviews
   • Merge approvals
   • Line-by-line change history

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For making changes when you don’t have a local environment configured.

Planning / Issue Tracking

   • Time tracking
   • Issue boards
   • Epics
   • Roadmaps
   • Service desk
   • Requirements management
   • Design management
   • Quality management

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For documenting your project.

Interested in other Cascade enhancements or Gitlab features?

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