The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) outlines security guidelines federal agencies must follow to protect confidential information. Keeping materials on federal sites safe is a matter of national security, one which we take seriously.

When it comes to cloud computing, Contegix has created a FISMA/FedRAMP-compliant solution that ensures a high level of security. You can feel safe using our FedRAMP PaaS because we own our servers, meaning you are not depending on some middleman far away to house your private information.

Contegix is committed to covering all of the bases. We are always evaluating possible security threats and adapting to new federal requirements – keeping you ahead of the curve.

FISMA-compliant web hosting is critical for government agencies. Contegix has the knowledge and resources to get you secure, compliant, and beyond. If you’re ready to enjoy world-class security and support, contact us today!