Contegix Agility Bundle

Simplify Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment for One-to-Many Sites

The Contegix Agility Bundle® is an automated deployment tool that turns your manual deployment process into automated processes. Users have a solution tailored to their continuous delivery and integration needs. It supports point and click code, database, and asset deployments between your development, staging, and production environments.



Contegix Agility Bundle Features:

Access Anytime: Easy access to manage deployment workflows through the interface.


Advanced Technology: Built leveraging Keycloak and GitLAB, the Agility Bundle has the power for continuous delivery and integration.


Effortless Migrations: An interface that simplifies database deployment and is designed to work with your preferred CMS and open source platform.


Experienced Support: 24×7 managed support. Our experienced engineers arereadily available to provide support when needed.


Faster Recovery Time: With managed backups and long-term storage capabilities, recovery can be done quickly.


Popular CMS Supported: Drupal, WordPress, Magento, and more!



The Agility Bundle supports an organization’s workflow and enables the full deployment of databases and websites from specific environment to another environment with automated backups. This simplifies deployments to a click of a button, augmenting the overall productivity of an organization and promoting reliability.