Reliable Magento Hosting on the Contegix Network – 100% Dedicated

Every second costs money, and today’s visitors will not wait for slow loading pages. For you, an early exit or abandoned cart means lost revenue. You need a hosting partner that can provide your shoppers an optimized and efficient site, thereby providing you better conversion and retention rates. You need a partner who is an expert in Magento hosting.

Contegix Magento Hosting solutions offer the utmost in performance, reliability, scalability, and security. Each environment is isolated and optimized to run your site at its full potential. Our team of eCommerce specialists will help you architect a customized environment, and manage it 24x7x365 with our renowned Go BeyondTM service and support.magento logo

Why Contegix Magento Hosting?

Running Magento on a standard server leaves your site vulnerable to performance issues, like slow loading pages. Slow loading times lead to abandoned shopping carts and lost revenue. To power your eCommerce site, you need a high performance infrastructure designed to meet Magento’s vast requirements, efficiently manage your standard traffic, and scale during high traffic times.

Contegix Magento Hosting solutions use high performance equipment, and our team of experts will provision your server to Magento’s exact requirements to ensure your site is running at its fullest potential. You can rest easy knowing that we are there for you after deployment, to monitor, maintain, and update your instance, so you can focus on uploading your latest and greatest product instead of worrying about your site.