As instances of Jira and Confluence scale, they often don't scale with best practices around governance and change management. This can create messy instances that are difficult to administer, and therefore they are often cumbersome and confusing to users. Cleaning up a system is no small task, as it is difficult to tell which customizations and data are in use and which are not. 

With years of experience working with growing teams, Contegix has designed a solution to make this undertaking a smooth and easy process.

Optimization Strategy

Our entire team of consultants are Atlassian Certified Professionals and experts at identifying potential areas of improvement, applying low risk changes and developing a roadmap for complex modifications. From cleanup to tuning services, we have the expertise and tools to optimize instances, improve user experience, and implement effective change management processes.

Areas of Improvement

We have developed queries that enable us to generate statistics on utilization of each piece of customization in an instance. For example with Jira workflows, you can view the name, ID, the count of the number of issues that utilize a workflow, and the last time an issue utilizing a workflow was updated.

Contegix can then help with the cleanup effort, as well as implementing governance tools and processes that can prevent the tools from ending up in a similar spot in the future.

Performance Tuning

Contegix helps organizations improve application performance by implementing best practices which include an environment performance assessment based on metrics, application monitoring and evaluation, load testing, and configurations. You can rely on our team of experts to assess and design your optimal performance improvement plan.

Redefining the Experience

As businesses grow, demands grow, and growth comes with implementing new processes. Often, we see processes and configurations that were implemented hastily with inaccuracies that adversely impacted the application performance. New scripts or add-ons can also unknowingly lead to performance issues. If you have attempted to improve performance without success, we are here to help!

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