Scalable SSD

Are you seeking a storage service that can guarantee a consistent and predictable level of performance for your large-scale cloud infrastructure? Are “noisy neighbors” constantly bogging down your infrastructure? If so then, Contegix Scalable SSD is a perfect solution for you. Our new, shared storage service is designed to cater to increasingly higher performance storage requirements.

Contegix Scalable SSD Delivers Consistent and Predictable Performance

In shared multi-tenant environments, the lack of predictable performance of traditional storage presents one of the biggest barriers to delivering business-critical applications from a shared infrastructure. Contegix has solved this problem by implementing all-SSD storage as part of our cloud architecture. Our new cloud architecture natively protects the performance profile of all volumes in the system, even under failure conditions.

What does that mean to you? Your application will not be affected by another performance hungry application in the system, and you can deploy your applications more cost effectively by provisioning fewer resources and not deploying systems for the “high-water mark” or “just in case” scenario.

At the core of the Contegix Scalable SSD storage solution is the patented ability to optimize SSD capacity – ensuring high utilization while guaranteeing volume performance. The system employs three key technologies that operate in concert across the entire storage system: deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning. Together, these tools dramatically reduce effective price per gigabyte, making the Contegix Scalable SSD storage solution far more economical and efficient than performance spinning disk.

Four (4) Performance options; Core, Enhanced, Express, Ultra, are available to meet the requirements of a variety of customer applications ranging from low performance (bulk data which is infrequently accessed) to high performance (such as high end database and processing applications which are dependent on driving large numbers of concurrent transactions and short response times). The 4 performance options provide an increasing level of performance (IOPS per GB/TB).

Contegix Scalable SSD Storage Offers:
    • All-Solid State Disk based Architecture, capable of incredibly high performance.
    • Guaranteed Performance and Quality of Service enables the delivery of consistent latency for every I/O.
    • Multiple tiers of performance storage within one platform allowing a customer to be able to move from one tier to another, with no down time, and no data migration.
    • Balanced Load Distribution Completely Eliminates Noisy Neighbors and Guarantees Volume Performance.
    • Reduces cost and complexity for all tiers of storage.
    • Rapid provisioning and scalability.


Ideal for Business with:
    • Performance Databases
    • SaaS Applications
    • Big Data, Analytics
    • Private Cloud
    • Large-Scale Testing & Development Needs