SYNTHESIS™ is our framework of solutions that empower our consultants to deliver solutions quickly and comprehensively. Covering all organizational needs, including PPM, GRC, HR, Procurement, DevOps, Marketing, and more, these solutions have a proven track record of success across numerous organizations. Discover how SYNTHESIS™ can help you achieve your goals today.

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Enterprise Accelerated Framework for Virtual Workspaces

These SYNTHESIS™ Solutions are formulas and preconceived sets of templates made up of issues/items, workflows, 3rd party apps, and industry best practices. Establishing a single source of truth across the enterprise, SYNTHESIS™ allows for real-time collaboration and reporting, thus ensuring visibility within teams and across the enterprise.

Collaborate smarter with SYNTHESIS™


Teaching individuals and organizations the power of DevOps to make their teams effective and efficient.

Real Time PPM

Our expertise and rapid deployment techniques of Atlassian products will have your PMO operational in days!


If you are planning to revitalize your service management processes, Contegix has the solution.

Increase the Speed of Implementation

We understand that every business, regardless of size, needs a cohesive team to achieve success for both the business and its customers.

Whatever your goals may be, our team has the experience and expertise to help you get there faster. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your vision.

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