Security and Compliance


Improve Cloud Protection by Working with a DevSecOps Expert

According to the 2022 Cloud Security Report, cloud security incidents are still on the rise, causing misconfigurations and exposed user data. More than a quarter of organizations (27 percent) have experienced a public cloud security incident—up 10 percent from 2021. 


A Closer Look at 3 Services An Atlassian Government Partner Can Provide

Efficiency is a common goal for government agencies—especially as the White House Office of the National Cyber Director has recently announced it will be analyzing performance data as part of an effort to measure federal agencies' performance.

healthcare IT

Moving Data in Compliance with Healthcare Regulations

Cloud technology plays an essential role in bringing innovation and better outcomes to today's healthcare systems, from helping doctors care for patients remotely to enabling collaboration between providers in other institutions. And as new technology is introduced, healthcare digitization will only increase.


Where are the Cybersecurity Workers? Solving for the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

According to a 2021 Security Magazine report, 40% of organizations experienced at least one cloud data breach during the past 12 months alone. And unfortunately, the consequences can be substantial: the average cost to repair a data breach for small- to medium-sized businesses is $149,000. 


Choosing the Best Tools for Your DevSecOps Transformation

The costs associated with a security breach are higher than ever, up to an average of $4.24 million per business. Moving from DevOps to a DevSecOps framework has become one of the best ways for organizations to guarantee that code ships securely—and to avoid the costly repercussions of breaches. 


From Cybersecurity to Compliance: Ensuring Applications and Their Data are Secure

Businesses have been forced to contend with an unfortunate growing fact: a security breach is all but inevitable. Last year, nearly every type of cyberattack—from ransomware to encrypted threats—increased by anywhere from 6% to over 100%. Encrypted threats rank the highest, having shot up by 167% (10.4 million attacks).


Jira and Atlassian FedRAMP Compliance

Learn how to build a FedRAMP-compliant Atlassian deployment that meets your organization’s needs with this helpful guide.


Tackling 4 Security Challenges with DevSecOps

Achieving a robust cybersecurity posture has been mission-critical as businesses experienced a staggering spike in cybercrime last year.