Meet Public Sector Digital Transformation Milestones Faster with Contegix

Public sector IT projects are falling short: According to recent McKinsey research, only one in 200 projects delivers the intended benefits on time and within budget. And compared to private sector organizations, where delays are less common, public sector cost overruns are nearly three times as high.   


A Closer Look at 3 Services An Atlassian Government Partner Can Provide

Efficiency is a common goal for government agencies—especially as the White House Office of the National Cyber Director has recently announced it will be analyzing performance data as part of an effort to measure federal agencies' performance.


Achieving Cultural and Digital Transformation with An Atlassian Government Partner

Like most industries, the public sector is moving through digital transformation to improve the services it provides to constituents. But many agencies are falling behind on their digital initiatives. According to a report by Deloitte, government agencies were still significantly relying upon their legacy operating models even while leveraging certain tech capabilities prior to the pandemic.


From Cybersecurity to Compliance: Ensuring Applications and Their Data are Secure

Businesses have been forced to contend with an unfortunate growing fact: a security breach is all but inevitable. Last year, nearly every type of cyberattack—from ransomware to encrypted threats—increased by anywhere from 6% to over 100%. Encrypted threats rank the highest, having shot up by 167% (10.4 million attacks).


Making History in Space

Yesterday, the Space Force and industry partners quietly made history. Well, as quietly as possible when launching giant metal towers full of rocket fuel into space at speeds up to 10k MPH. August 4th, 2022, saw the space coast making and breaking records:


Jira and Atlassian FedRAMP Compliance

Learn how to build a FedRAMP-compliant Atlassian deployment that meets your organization’s needs with this helpful guide.


3 Lessons from SAFe Implementation in the Public Sector

From issuing official documents to administering unemployment benefits or regulating entire industries, the size and scope of public sector services is complex, often requiring input from hundreds of stakeholders to execute. And when these projects don’t succeed, the effects can be high profile and far ranging—just think of the initial website rollout. 


The Importance of DevSecOps

The DoD Office of the Chief Information Officer provides policy and guidance regarding the development and utilization of software and hardware. These resources, paired with industry best-practices, play a significant role in shaping the DoD’s adoption of DevSecOps and Zero Trust Architecture.