The Complete Guide to Atlassian Summit

The Atlassian Summit is next week on April 9-11, and it’s prime time to plan how you’re going to maximize your time there. Whether you’re a first-timer to this event or an experienced veteran, Contegix has you covered. Here’s what to keep in mind for Summit.

Choose the Right Pass

You have a lot of pass options for Summit, so take the time to figure out the most valuable and cost-effective passes for your business. For example, if you just want to send your developers to this event, then a Developers’ Day pass makes more sense than signing them up for the passes that cover sessions that fall outside of Atlassian development. You can also get quantity discounts when registering three or more people. If someone on your team needs certification in Atlassian products, the Summit gives you an excellent opportunity to get those credentials at a discount.

Bring the Right Stuff

You probably have your standard packing list down to a science, especially if you’re a frequent business traveler. However, here are a few commonly forgotten items to keep in mind.

  • External battery pack: You don’t want to leave an important conversation because your mobile devices just died on you. Get a high capacity battery pack so you don’t have any interruptions in your schedule.
  • Plenty of business cards: A handful of cards won’t cut it here. Make sure you have enough to cover the entire event so you don’t miss out on valuable connections.
  • Light jacket: The conference center might end up feeling a bit cold if you’re used to warmer temperatures at home. Don’t let the climate control distract you from valuable opportunities.
  • Hangover cure: Vegas brings out the party animal in everyone, so you’ll be happy you brought a hangover cure. Even if you don’t drink, someone around you could certainly use this.
  • Gambling budget: Going to a casino is one of those Vegas rites of passage. Create a set budget so you don’t go broke trying to win big.

Set Up a Cool Out of Office Reply

You need to focus on the sessions at the Atlassian Summit, so turning on the out of office mode on your email is a no-brainer. Have a little fun with your OOO reply. For example, you could say something like “I’m unable to answer your email because sharks have taken over my office. Just kidding! I’m at the Atlassian Summit.” You can also let people know about the sessions you’re attending at the Summit so they can come and find you if they’re also attending the event.

Browse Sessions by Software or Track

You can browse sessions by software or track on the Atlassian Summit website. Take the time to create a full battle plan covering the sessions that are relevant to your organization. Some of the tracks offered include People, Practices, and Culture – the Future of Work, Beyond Tech Team Use Cases, and Scaling Atlassian.

The software represented at the conference includes Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Trello, Bitbucket, Bamboo, and Opsgenie.

Three of the most important items that should be on your agenda is the First Timer’s Reception at 3-4 PM, the Opening Keynote at 5 PM and the opening of the Expo Hall at 6-8 PM.

Book Timeslots at Exhibitors’ Booths

You can make many connections at the Atlassian Summit, but sometimes it’s hard to get enough one-on-one time with the people you want to talk to the most. Some exhibitors make your life easy by allowing you to book a timeslot with them. For example, Contegix, the only Atlassian partner with complete, end-to-end solutions, has a reservation form here.

Prioritize Your Meetings

It’s easy to overextend yourself during the Atlassian Summit. You have so much to do and see. When you’re creating your schedule, prioritize the most important meetings and stay flexible. If you try to plan everything out to the minute, you’re going to end up stressed out because of sessions running long or getting caught up in a conversation with an exhibitor.

Update Professional Profiles before the Conference

Summit teaches attendees many helpful skills, but it also gives you networking opportunities. As you meet new people, many of them will search for your online profiles.

Update your professional profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms so everyone will find accurate information about your career.


The Atlassian Summit is an incredible event that has a lot to offer Atlassian developers, partners and those who rely on these applications for their organizations. This guide will help you get the best ROI out of your attendance.