Three Essential Components of Taking Stock in Your Application Security 

Over the last few years, managing application security has become a targeted and paramount effort for more and more companies. Things like securing payment processing, software for managing inventory, cloud storage, and even project management applications require special attention regarding security. The security of a company’s application ecosystem means taking stock of your entire application suite to develop a clear plan to block illegal access of your data. This is an essential step in implementing an effective implementation security model and requires the initial collection of base level information.

Requisite Data Points

To begin taking stock of your app security, you will need to collect the following information:

  • Total number of applications
  • Latest updated versions for continued usage
  • Deployment modes
  • Nature and number of layers of the applications
  • Current security methods in use

This information will help you understand the level of security patching and upgrading required.

Group Applications According to Nature and Criticality

Once you have completed a list of your company’s applications currently in use, you will have to sort them under designations like “important,” “critical,” “barely used,” “can be decommissioned,” and so on.

As you organize your applications, consider their importance in the following order:

  • All front-facing applications that interface with customers and vendors, and financial information discussed, must be immediately scrutinized for security issues.
  • Applications that are considered integral to process management, back-office operations, and process management should come next regarding immediately implementing security upgrades.
  • Commonly used apps should typically be batched and made secure as the latest updates become available from vendors, but only after an essential security patching has been completed.
  • Applications that are no longer supported by their vendors, those to be decommissioned, ones that you hardly use, and replaceable applications, should be addressed

Since this sorting is time-consuming, it can be done alongside the process of taking stock of application security.  Once this step is completed, you will have a better picture of weaknesses and threats within your application suite.  Contegix can relieve the burden of this process, and handle it for you.  Contact us today for expert application security services.