Top 5 Code Editing Programs

Coding software helps programmers to create reliable code. Here are five of the best coding programs currently available, along with a discussion of which programming languages are best to use with each.

1. Sublime Text

Programmers looking for a lightweight editor that is extremely stable and fast should consider Sublime Text. While the full version of Sublime Text 3 costs $80 at the time of writing, there is also a free preview that coders can use indefinitely (or for as long as they can put up with the nagging pop-up that regularly requests payment). The basic editor is very simple, with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, but users have the option to extend the software with a huge and growing list of plugins. Sublime Text supports almost all coding languages. The software is itself built in Python, which is one of the most popular languages to use with this coding program.

2. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code was developed by Microsoft as a fully featured, well rounded code editor for professional and amateur programmers alike. With a large and growing user base, there are plenty of places to turn to get support with this coding program. The editor offers IntelliSense autocompletion of code, which can help to speed up coding projects and reduce the risk of spelling errors that can cause a failed compile. Although not quite as fast as the simpler Sublime Text editor, Visual Studio Code is extremely stable. It is also free and open-source software. Many programmers use Visual Studio Code to program in C#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and a wide range of other programming languages.

3. Brackets

People who are new to using coding software and are looking for an easy editor to help them get started should consider Brackets. This free and simple to use editor offers a simple and attractive UI, a list of features that’s well rounded without being overwhelming, and a range of simple customization options. Designed to be used with iOS, this open-source editor from Adobe offers native support for syntax highlighting for a small but growing range of languages, including JavaScript. The only downside of this free editor is that it has occasional performance issues and isn’t quite as fast as some other coding programs. However, for new users looking for an easy way into coding, it could be an excellent choice.

4. Vim

Vim is an old favorite of many experienced programmers working in Perl, Python, and other scripting languages. Designed to make code editing as fast and streamlined a process as possible, Vim has no UI; instead, keyboard shortcuts are used to navigate the software. Once a programmer is familiar with Vim, it can help them to edit files extremely quickly. However, the command line interface isn’t quite as easy for new users as some of the other options in this list. Vim is free and included natively with Linux and macOS. It is very stable and very fast.

5. Notepad++

Windows users who are already familiar with Notepad can get started with programming by using Notepad++. This lightweight code editor launches quickly and supports a wide range of external plugins, including macros. With smart syntax highlighting, Notepad++ is popular for web developers working in HTML. It is free to download and use.

Coding is a fun hobby for some and life for others. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, there are great tools out there to help you. It’s good to stay in the know on what’s out there, in case you need a editing tool for a particular coding language or OS.