Top 5 Confluence Plugins for Marketing

Launching an effective marketing campaign, or maintaining the cyclical process of marketing, requires collaboration and organization among team members. However, it can be challenging to achieve these important efforts without the right tools. Atlassian’s Confluence is an integral platform marketers can use to improve their marketing efforts. This platform offers a whole host of plugins that can benefit your team. Here are five of the best Confluence plugins marketers should consider:

1. Chats for Confluence

Being able to communicate among different team members is an important part of maintaining the marketing cycle. While long email threads can make keeping up with important updates difficult, Chat for Confluence enhances communication by enabling real-time collaboration. Marketers can use this plugin to chat with team members instantly to avoid delayed information or waiting for replies that may take longer than expected.

2. Google Calendar for Confluence

Marketing teams need a calendar that is flexible to share among group members to ensure tasks are being met by their due dates. If a marketing team leader wants to share their existing calendar, it’s important that the calendar facilitates integration. With Google apps being a popular choice for collaboration, Google Calendar is often the preferred Google app for marketing teams to track their campaigns and deadlines. Google Calendar for Confluence is great for achieving this. It enables marketing teams to keep on task and avoid missing important deadlines. This top-rated Confluence plugin can easily integrate with the Confluence platform so that marketers can share their Google Calendar with other team members or clients, regardless of their location.

3. Content Exporter (Word, PDF, HTML)

Marketers frequently have to work with web development and project management teams to enhance their online campaign efforts. To effectively collaborate, it’s crucial to unite these teams by linking and sharing existing content so that everyone is on the same page. If there is specific content that needs to be shared among hundreds of documents, it can take up valuable time to export the necessary files. Content Exporter (Word, PDF, HTML) is a great way to expedite sharing documents in the form of HTML, PDF, or Word files. Marketers can also control the look of the document with this plugin, such as making a custom header or footer. A filtered page tree can also be used to export multiple pages all together instead of individually to save time and share quickly among various teams.

4. Comala Workflows

Staying organized also calls for some form of project management. Marketers often must assign tasks to different team members, including blog content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing content creation. Comala Workflows helps the marketing team manage their marketing campaigns. Marketing team leaders can use this top-rated Confluence plugin to assign tasks to different team members, including tasks for reviewing, approving, and publishing content. Marketers can also use this plugin to manage their initial drafts of blog content and even generate robust reports to help streamline page management.

5. Polls for Confluence

Polls are another form of content that marketers can create for a variety of reasons, including gaining insight on marketing efforts and for idea generation. Marketers can use Polls for Confluence to create useful polls quickly that can be used to generate ideas among team members. Marketers can also share the polls with Confluence users and encourage engagement among teams.

Final Thoughts

Managing marketing campaigns is achievable when using the right tools to facilitate collaboration and content creation. Marketers can use these top five Confluence plugins to enhance their marketing efforts, keep organized, create content, and improve team collaboration. Staying up to date with plugins can be time consuming, so it is best to hire an outside company. Contegix specializes in configuration and installation of Atlassian application plugins, contact us today.