Top 5 Confluence Plugins for Organization

Atlassian’s Confluence helps organizations get organized, whether it is with project management or the creation of content. However, there are some plugins that can help to accelerate the user experience so that teams can complete projects more easily and quickly. Here are a few of the top organization plugins for Confluence.

1. Diagrams

Team projects usually require some form of visual aid to help everyone get on the same page. Visual aids, such as diagrams or flowcharts, are good tools to use because they help project collaborators see how a project can go from idea to execution.

As one of the top-rated Confluence plugins, Diagrams for Confluence simplifies creating diagrams, flowcharts and other visual aids. Enterprise users can rely on the robust security of the plugin to ensure data privacy. For example, limits the storage of user authentication details to the user’s browser. It also keeps diagram content storage between Atlassian servers and the user’s browser. This step ensures that private enterprise content stays private and is only accessed by authorized users.

2. Mail. Ru Calendar

Ensuring that everyone knows when project deliverables are due is vital to efficiently run operations. Keeping project collaborators connected via a calendar can help to avoid missed deadlines. Mail.Ru Calendar is a Confluence plugin that can help facilitate this. The plugin’s user-friendly interface is simple to navigate and use. For instance, the drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to input and alter key deadlines when needed. The timeline view also makes it easy to spot when important tasks need to be completed from a holistic perspective.

3. Lucidchart Diagrams Connector

This enterprise-level plugin lets users not only create organizational charts and wireframes, but it’s also useful for collaborating with team members in real-time. Because Lucidchart Diagrams Connector uses automation, people can quickly create organizational charts with drag-and-drop features and swiftly determine who made changes to the content with its revision history feature. Lucidchart also works with diagrams from other programs, such as Gliffy and Visio, and it integrates well with Slack and other project management cloud tools, which facilitates the importing of content.

4. PocketQuery for Confluence

Running reports is important for many departments in an enterprise. But the overwhelming amounts of data companies accumulate over time make them difficult to process. Enterprise leaders need to be able to reference information from existing platforms, too. PocketQuery for Confluence helps simplify all this. Users can retrieve data from external SQL databases and present results within their Confluence content pages. This allows users to find all of the information they need in one central place. Additionally, leaders can manage access to the interface, giving them full control.

5. Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence

Creating the same documents over and over is a waste of time. Enterprise leaders can reduce redundancy with proper documentation management by leveraging Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence. This plugin makes it simple to produce templates and allows flexibility and control with advanced features for printing professional business or technical documents.

Using plugins that automate document management and accelerate collaboration helps simplify project management tasks for enterprise leaders and their organizations. Enterprise leaders can use these top-rated plugins to enhance the use of Confluence and encourage collaboration, connection and engagement for better organizational operation. Contegix is the global leader in Atlassian hosting. If you would like to spend more time using the products instead of managing them, contact us.