Top 5 Jira Plugins for Manufacturing

To create great products, manufacturers must be able to monitor quality, efficiently plan processes, and track the efficacy of production. However, manufacturers must also stay organized throughout this process and have tools that can facilitate these capabilities. Atlassian’s Jira is a useful platform for managing the workflows of the manufacturing process thanks to its features that facilitate planning, reporting, and tracking. It’s also an excellent platform for increasing transparency among team members and offers several plugins for enhancing the manufacturing process. Consider these top five Jira plugins to improve manufacturing processes.

1. Automation for Jira

Manufacturing processes can be complex, especially when making products with several parts, such as vehicles or computers. Moreover, to keep production schedules on time and support continuous improvement, it’s vital for processes to be automated. As a top-rated Jira plugin, Automation for Jira is useful for automating tasks. Jira users can create rules that ensure specific actions take place to keep processes flowing without interruption.

2. Aha! Visual Product Roadmaps

Ensuring that everyone knows which part of the manufacturing process they are a part of is instrumental in enhancing productivity. One way to accomplish this is by presenting data in a visual format. Research indicates that individuals process visual content at a rate of 60,000 times faster than that of text alone. That’s why it’s critical for manufacturers to have a way to express workflows with pictures, video or some other image-focused content that individuals can process quickly when they view the information. The Aha! Visual Product Roadmaps plugin is useful for conveying workflows that can be communicated from a visual perspective. Manufacturing leaders also can use it to create roadmaps that display product strategies to help enhance productivity and efficiency.

3. Xporter-Export Issues for Jira

If problems occur in the manufacturing process, it’s vital to report them. Manufacturing teams can use the Xporter-Export Issues for Jira to streamline the reporting process. This top-rated Jira plugin simplifies the reporting process by offering flexible export options, such as exporting from the issue screen directly using multiple formats, including SVG, DOCX, and PDF files. Users can also create templates in Excel or Word and can schedule reports so that team members receive them via email. This helps to create a collaborative environment in which issues are transparent so that team members can work together to fix them and improve productivity.

4. Timesheet Reports and Gadgets for Jira

Manufacturers have to make sure that deliveries of their products are made on time, and workforce efficiency plays an integral part in achieving this goal. The top-rated Jira plugin Timesheet Reports and Gadgets for Jira can be used to track work hours for better production planning. Users can filter work hours by each group with the Time Sheet Report feature or identify work hours during a specified time with the Project Pivot Report feature. Work hours can even be visualized into a pie chart using the Worked Time Chart.

5. PDF View Plugin for Jira (PDF Exporter)

Being able to collaborate and share valuable information across teams is key to running an efficient manufacturing process. If sharing documents lack flexibility, it can work against the goal of collaboration. PDF View Plugin for Jira (PDF Exporter) fixes this roadblock by making it easy to customize PDF templates to include various fields for feedback, images, and story cards. This plugin also is useful for seamlessly exporting the details of quality issues into a PDF file.

Final Thoughts

Keeping workflows constant and efficient is an integral step in any manufacturing process. Jira’s top-rated plugins are instrumental in enabling effective and efficient production for improving manufacturing workflows. With these tools, manufacturers can enhance their operations and improve production to increase their bottom-line profits.  Contegix is the global leader in Atlassian hosting.  We can manage your JIRA instance and make sure your plugins stay updated and working properly with your instance.  Contact us today.