Top 5 JIRA Plugins for Marketing Teams

JIRA is a powerful platform, but it doesn’t always hit the mark for your marketing team. If you find yourself in situations where you wish that JIRA had more flexibility and ability to support your marketing efforts, you need to explore this list of the top five JIRA plugins that cover everything from your customer relationship management tools to your workflows.

1. Salesforce

The line between sales and marketing departments often blur, and you may have many sales duties on your plate. Salesforce is an industry-leading customer relationship management tool, but your productivity may suffer when you have to switch between JIRA and Salesforce. With the Salesforce and JIRA Server Connection plugin, you have a seamless connection between the two platforms.

Some of the functionality added with this integration includes automatic field and comment syncing, updating JIRA issues, linking cases and issues and custom mapping fields. A streamlined configuration wizard walks you through the mapping and connection process to make it even easier to set up.

2. Structure

Do you need more out of your project management solution? Structure gives you a robust plugin that offers the flexibility and features you need to effectively manage your marketing projects. You can organize JIRA issues through complex hierarchies, create a visual indicator of project progress, put filtering and automation in place for a dynamic structure and view updates in real-time. The top-down view gives you great visibility and allows you to see when projects are starting to diverge from their original timelines.

3. Group Sign-Off

You often work with multiple stakeholders during marketing campaigns. If you try to get their sign-offs one at a time, you could end up with a lot of delays in your schedule. Group Sign-off for JIRA gives you the option to get sign-offs in parallel with each other and to set up representatives for stakeholders. You gain a fully transparent sign-off system that creates a digital trail for all decision-making. This plugin also supports integration with your workflows and automation.

4. JExcel

Your marketing team might try to move away from Excel spreadsheets, but they tend to have a way of working themselves into your campaigns. The powerful features and familiar interface often end up being the right choice for various use cases. Now you can harness the best parts of Excel from within JIRA. JExcel models itself after this spreadsheet program. Some of the features available include filtering, creating spreadsheets, sorting, copying and pasting from Excel, freezing columns and getting the average, count or sum of your selections.

5. Workflow Essentials

Efficient and streamlined workflows help your marketing team work productively, but you might not be able to harness your complex processes in JIRA. Workflow Essentials adds several functions that allow you to get more out of your workflows. Important validators and conditions can do everything from putting smart approvals in place to validating issues associated with the workflow. Post function additions include automated issue data copying, sub-tasks, merge fields and new linked issue creation. You can also specify templates for any issues generated from your workflow to reduce manual data entry.

Your marketing team should have the best tools available so they’re empowered to meet all of their goals. These JIRA plugins help you expand many feature sets related to your marketing duties. Start rolling them out and discovering the combination that works best for your organization. If you’re looking for expert JIRA hosting and management, contact Contegix! We’re the global leaders in Atlassian hosting!  We allow you to customize your instance with plugins and make updates a breeze!