Top Drupal Modules

Drupal provides content experts with an array of capabilities, including modules to facilitate projects and even the infrastructure to create entire social network platforms. As of 2017, Drupal offers close to 39,000 modules. While there are thousands of Drupal modules to choose from, there are a few that stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the top Drupal modules to consider:

1. Google Analytics

Being able to track how well a site is performing is key to understanding what needs to be fixed and what is working on the site. That is why incorporating a Drupal module that can facilitate this is helpful. The Google Analytics module is one of the top Drupal modules that provide resourceful features, such as domain tracking, Drupal messaging tracking, link monitoring, and page tracking. Technology leaders can also leverage support for AdSense and Cache

2. Drupal SEO Checklist

Driving and maintaining organic traffic is important because organic traffic accounts for more than half of the traffic that comes to sites. Thus, it is important for sites to be optimized for the web. Drupal SEO Checklist is a Drupal module that helps improve search engine optimization (SEO) by using best practices. The module is frequently updated and uses a checklist format to help developers and technology leaders ensure tasks are completed for SEO. Some of these tasks include paths, title tags, and content. This website is resourceful when working with multiple websites, but does require module configuration knowledge.


Ensuring that the information that is captured is authentic requires a tool that enhances security. Hackers create bots that can phish for information to crack codes and passwords. To reduce capturing information from a bot and ensure a site is receiving a response from a human, the CAPTCHA Drupal module can be employed. This module presents a challenge-response test within web forms to block automated scripts from entering information and proceeding to the next process. Because the spambots often cannot read images with scrambled letters, puzzles or other content, it helps deter spambots from proceeding with a search or procedure. This helps site managers prevent or deter activity from invalid searches for better site performance tracking and enhanced security measures.

4. Webform

Converting readers to actual leads is important to procure potential sales. The Webform module helps technology leaders accomplish this. For example, forms can be used for capturing email and other personal information. The lead can enter their information in the content field, and the developer can set up the page to automatically send the information to the lead for confirmation and to the site administrator for storage. Technology leaders can also include this module to customize forms and export it into spreadsheet applications, such as Excel. Drupal developers can also use this module to create surveys to encourage interaction within a website. This module is compatible with thousands of sites.

Drupal is a powerful content management system that can help push sites and platforms forward. To leverage its full capabilities and maximize site and content potential, technology leaders can include some of these top Drupal modules. Enterprise leaders should also consider leveraging the expertise of professional teams with extensive experience managing and deploying Drupal, such as Contegix. By using a team to provide support for Drupal functions, enterprise leaders can concentrate their operational efforts on other strategic tasks.