Top Tech Trends Anticipated for 2018

Mobile DevicesAlong with a new year, comes a whole new set of tech trends. In 2018, many of the trends we anticipate are not completely unexpected. The vast majority of trends will focus on improving and perfecting the existing areas of focus that were noted in 2017, such as enabling smart objects to sync up with one another or increasing security for mobile apps. With customer satisfaction being a top priority for many tech companies, the top tech trends anticipated for 2018 generally aim to improve user-experiences.

1. Unified Intelligent Objects

In the last five years, there has been a surge in the development of “smart” objects beyond the standard smartphones we have come to know and love. These objects extend to include everything from refrigerators to light fixtures. In 2018, the focus on intelligent objects will heighten. An increasing number of typical products will be enhanced with connectivity and predictive capabilities utilizing Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies. While this in itself is not a new trend, the focus will shift from individual intelligent objects to more connected systems where several objects communicate and work together to provide an all-inclusive experience for owners. It is anticipated that companies such as Google and Amazon will play a large role in the development of these more unified systems.

2. Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality has made great strides in the past decade. There are videos, games and even training tools which harness the power of VR and they are all easily accessible and increasingly more affordable. In 2018, however, the focus on VR will lessen as Augmented Reality (AR) takes the center stage. This format combines the real world with computer-generated sights and sounds for a fully interactive and more realistic user experience. This technology will be implemented in a number of fields where VR has previously led, including healthcare.

3. Enhanced Cloud Storage

Cloud storage became a much-needed commodity for businesses in 2017 and this will continue into 2018. The difference, however, is that businesses are beginning to realize their need for increased and enhanced cloud storage. As a result, many cloud storage providers will begin to offer as much as double the storage space as previous years. In efforts to compete with tech-giants, such as Microsoft, smaller providers will also offer increased enhanced storage with many more customization options.

4. Service-Based Apps

With the staggering success of service driven apps, such as Uber, this trend will continue to rise in 2018. Many app developers have strayed away from creating apps for entertainment purposes to instead focus on fulfilling a need. These service-based apps will certainly not be limited to getting a ride. There will be an increase of apps aimed towards convenient services such as food delivery, virtual doctors visits and grocery shopping.

5. Improved Security

An endless number of security breaches and existing concerns over identity theft will fuel IT professionals and app developers to focus more on security in 2018. It is estimated that as many as 75 percent of mobile apps today cannot pass basic security tests. Consumers are becoming aware of these shortcomings and, in turn, are demanding stronger authentication and authorization measures for mobile apps. While these areas will certainly be addressed, tech gurus will implement measures to strengthen server-side control and prevent data leaks.

By understanding the top anticipated tech trends of 2018, we are able to take a glimpse into the future. While technology is an ever-changing field, it is also a field that requires a lot of trial and error in efforts to provide a flawless experience to users. As a result, perfecting each existing trend paves the way for an emergence of new concepts in the field.