Introducing TrustStack, a secure and central solution to meet the collaboration needs of U.S. government agencies.

TrustStack is a DevSecOps collaboration platform that helps government teams manage their technology needs. It was built by industry veterans from scratch, but not from square one. TrustStack focuses on security and ease of adoption to enable more effective management through reduction of bottlenecks that become common when working in siloed teams.


Enabling Secure Collaboration

Using a bespoke approach to agile platforms, programs using TrustStack can:

  • Stand up instances faster
  • Simplify management of their collaboration toolkit
  • Track and forecast user adoption
  • Benefit from infrastructure and pricing that fits your team

Our team of experts has unparalleled experience operating these platforms. 

By taking environment and license management off the shoulders of end users, TrustStack enables teams to forget about administrative tasks and focus on their mission.

Accelerate Secure Solutions

24/7 Support

With options that allow 24/7 support access and disaster recovery, TrustStack is the most comprehensive coverage available on the market to government teams.

Flexible Billing

Simple, transparent pricing allows teams to pay only for the access they need. Itemized invoices ensure project managers know what is being billed and can easily forecast costs based on changes in their needs.

Scalability and Growth

TrustStack’s architecture allows teams to start small and build over time, without being forced into predefined user tiers. As teams grow, they can easily add seats and other features like white labeling.

Securely Moving Forward

TrustStack complies with both FedRAMP and DISA frameworks, allowing any government agency to get the security and compliance they need. While the applications in a typical TrustStack deployment are Atlassian’s Jira and Confluence, as well as Mattermost, there is opportunity to add others that your team may already be using. Please contact us with any questions regarding tool inclusion.

Teams seeking a powerful, scalable, and secure platform for collaboration should consider TrustStack.

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