Why Use Hybrid Cloud for Your Business?

Hybrid Cloud is a term that is tough to escape these days. It means using public cloud services (such as AWS or Azure) and a private cloud together in one combined environment. How can this help your business?

Cost.  Public cloud is fast and inexpensive to scale out.   Private cloud is faster, but costs more up front. A hybrid approach brings you long-term savings. Gone are the days of determining your maximum load and deploying what you need +1, and paying for it all, used or not. With a Hybrid solution, spin up what you need, when you need it. Turn it back off when done. The upfront cost is higher, but the savings you gain long-term will outweigh that initial cost.

Scalability. Demand will ebb and flow. Your requirements are rarely a flat horizontal line. When traffic surges, a hybrid environment allows you to scale it up quickly to meet the needs of the moment. When the surge dies off, so can those resources. If all that happens on the public side, the surge won’t necessarily even impact your private cloud.

Security. A public cloud is a very broad attack surface, presenting some challenges meeting regulatory compliance. A private cloud can have a dedicated firewall, load balancing, and/or VPN Endpoint. This can minimize the available target and ensure greater stability and security.

E-commerce is a good example of using both to maintain compliance. Host your retail site and catalog on public cloud. Have your private cloud take care of the shopping cart checkout and other secure transactions. Use the VPN between them to protect data in-transit.

Performance. Distribute workflows where handled best. Keep IO-intensive, latency-sensitive applications on your private cloud. Keep things requiring rapid expansion or large capacity go on the public cloud. Expand into a new city using public cloud to speed things up, while lowering cost. Instead of that new Hong Kong prospect hitting your site in Kansas City with 120ms+ latency, they get served from Shanghai at 10ms.

Hybrid cloud offers many benefits to businesses. To see if your company is a good candidate for a hybrid solution, contact our experts. They can help you customize a solution to increase efficiency and decrease your costs.