Who We Are

Contegix® provides cloud, application lifecycle management, and managed services to all markets from start-up to enterprise. Offering public (AWS & Azure), private, and hybrid cloud, we also serve as a trusted advisor for IaaS and PaaS. We are the global leader in Atlassian hosting and have extensive capabilities with other application lifecycle management tools like GitHub, and CMS tools such as Drupal, Magento and WordPress. As a FedRAMP-authorized service provider, Contegix offers federal agencies secure cloud storage and solutions.

Our services and technology are designed for the DevOps team, with the sole purpose of helping companies grow smarter and faster. By providing infrastructure, deep expertise, and talent we allow businesses and their developers to focus on company innovation and growth, rather than back-end management. As the premier Cloud Application Service Provider (CASP®), we bridge the gap between hosting providers who simply provide support to the OS level and MSP’s who only go down to the OS level. We provide support all the way up from the hardware to the app stack to ensure optimal performance of companies’ critical websites and applications.

Contegix also offers award-winning on premise, Service Desk, and hybrid client solutions. We provide expert managed services for complete infrastructure optimization along with our unrivaled, 24/7 Go Beyond Support.

In June of 2017, Contegix acquired BlackMesh, a FISMA/FedRAMP-authorized cloud provider that delivered advanced web content management services from their headquarters in Ashburn, VA. In November of 2016, Contegix merged with Reading, PA-based, Distributed Systems Services, Inc. (DSS), who had been a comprehensive provider of technology solutions since 1995. In December of 2016, the newly merged Contegix acquired Admo.net of Kansas City, MO.