“Your support team is beyond any other in all areas, including professionalism. I’ve been with a lot of hosting services, large and small, and nothing compares. Seriously! Top notch.”
Founder & CEO, Audiobookstore.com
"We were looking for a real partner to bridge the gap between software developers and hardware experts. Contegix is a rare find in this industry and lives up to their claims with their Optimum Management Service."
Bo Barron, Amdia Software, LLC
"We are looking forward to a lasting relationship. Our interactions have always been very positive, and exceeded our expectations. We are currently reviewing ways we can leverage Contegix more!"
Thad Vuolo, Credit Union of Colorado
"We had a lot of time where things were down. As a business, we need to be up and running all the time. Thanks to Contegix, we can spend our time focusing on our business strategies and let them worry about our IT infrastructure. We now generate sales at midnight, 1am, 2am!"
Dan Stevenson, Pennock Floral
“Awesome services, great support, excellent overall experience. The choice we made more than 10 years ago to work with Contegix was definitely the right one.”
Cristi Buta, Senior Java Developer and Team Lead, C4Media
"Contegix is a different kind of hosting company. Anyone can provide a reliable network and fast hardware, but Contegix goes far beyond the basics. We are a Drupal-based shop, and host a number of clients on our Contegix cluster, so for us, it is important that the support engineers who work around the clock all have experience working in Drupal environments."
Winn Jewett, Sand Stone Media
“When I walked into Contegix, saw their office, met their people, my account manager, and saw the data center itself, I knew that Contegix was going to be a long term partner. Contegix is meticulous with their floor plans, redundancies, and server / cable management. I love working with Contegix.”
Rich Wells, Director of IT, Fusion Marketing
“I consistently get a quick response to any question or need. I consistently get clear answers and a friendly and professional tone in each exchange. I consistently get correct solutions to my needs. The Contegix support and technical teams rock!”
Rena Amour, Manager of Quality Assurance, ServiceMaster
“Contegix’s great hosting and amazing staff are what helps us deliver compelling and secure websites to our ever-increasing healthcare and financial industry clients. I can contact Contegix 24x7 and get immediate results.”
Michael Salvucci, Director of Information Security and Technology, SnapShot Interactive
"Number one is knowing that at night, our data is secured, and it’s backed up. This has been a huge relief for me. It has been a great success for us and it’s freed up our department to do the things we’re supposed to do."
Scott Stech, Lambert Spawn
"Contegix provides us extremely reliable service at very reasonable prices. They customized their solutions to best meet our needs. Contegix is professional, responsive and up-to-date on all the latest technologies. I’m confident we made the right decision in choosing Contegix."
Rex Poland, IT Director, Berkowitz Oliver Williams Shaw & Eisenbrandt, LLP
"The level of support is amazing. We have had multiple instances of preemptive resolution to potential problems.”
Dan Sifter, TIBCO Software, Inc.
“We view Contegix as a true partner that engaged with our company from its initial launch to offer a highly reliable, HIPAA-compliant healthcare cloud for our significant customers.”
Jim Morrow, President & CEO, MedAware Solutions
"Contegix provides excellent service, rock solid uptime and infrastructure we required, and our clients demand. We have not experienced a single moment of downtime since Contegix has been managing our hosting infrastructure."
Todd Reagor, ReagorMedia, LLC
"Our folks don’t realize necessarily that they’re talking to a third party, they think that somehow Boscov’s is providing this miraculous service."
Jim Boscov, Boscov’s Department Store, LLC
“The support from the team at Contegix has been outstanding. The staff has been responsive, thorough and proactive with our tickets.”
Rosemarie Somma, Technology Systems Support Analyst – PMO, Medical App Developer Company
“Contegix has an awesome 24/7 team who responds to issues promptly and are happy to assist and provide answers on any issues. Very professional team!”
Nadhima Brandis, IT Project Manager, Genesys
"Partnering with Contegix allows us to provide the customer experience we live by at Fulton Financial Corp."
Scott Tobler, Fulton Financial Corp.
"Within minutes the staff at Contegix started the transfer of hundreds of gigabytes of data to their secure storage facility. It gives me great peace of mind to know that my data is in such good hands. I am continually amazed at the quality of service and support that you provide."
Jason Egli, Integrity Computers
“Fantastic customer support and communication! Kyle has been a pleasure to work with, as have all other individuals we’ve been in contact with. Will absolutely recommend Contegix to clients and other groups.”
Emily Diehl, Director of Web Services, Ten Gun Design
“Very prompt. Good documentation on tickets. Technically sound.”
Abhishek Arun, Senior Manager of IT Digital Solutions, BMC Software, Inc.
"With Contegix solutions in place, we saw that our return to operations improved to 3-4 hours. The transition was very simple, quick and painless – and our DR environment was set up in a matter of hours. The Contegix technical operations center is always very responsive, and most importantly, we know that it works. We no longer risk losing profit should our system crash."
Carol McHugh, Elbeco
“Contegix makes the process of creating VM’s simple.”
Charles Urban, Senior Systems Engineer, Blade Technologies
"The Contegix team, l has been an integral part of the TalaTek team. We rely on them to provide the infrastructure and associated services that are vital to our business. Whether custom specific application support or troubleshooting problems, Contegix’s commitment to premiere customer support has been invaluable and critical to the success of our security and compliance services delivery."
Baan Alsinawi, TalaTek LLC
"The Contegix team is so important to me that I consider them part of my staff because I can shoot them a note, things get done right away, and I can keep moving forward on other projects. ”
Marc Johns, Associate Director for Information Services & System Architecture, Society of University and College Planning
“Contegix has allowed for a progression and evolution of our Confluence system to move at a pace that matches our desire to meet our user’s demands.”
Tom Crespi, Manager of Change Management, IT at Graybar
“The Atlassian suite consumed quite a lot of operational time from my internal team, which is time that could be better spent on other projects rather than dealing with business critical but not operational critical systems. Contegix has freed up my IT team by removing the management of the service away from the operations team.”
Jay Harrison, Launch Incident Manager, Playfish
“Atlassian has used Contegix services in many ways over the years and I would thoroughly recommend them. We started with a single machine, then another, and now they manage almost all of our external machines as well as our DNS and mail. We use them for managed hosting on a few of our machines, as well as colocation for those we manage ourselves. In all cases, their support has been exemplary. Problems will occur in any sort of hosting, with Contegix they are brought to your attention and fixed with great speed – exactly what you want from a hosting provider. Overall I would say a great company to work with – I’m sure they’ll be a business partner of ours for a long time to come.”
Mike Cannon-Brookes, Co-Founder, Atlassian
“Everything just works. It was not tough. I didn’t know moving to Contegix would be so easy.”
Director at Energy Consulting Company
"With Contegix, support doesn't end with the operating system. They truly feel like an extension of our own development team. This has proven very useful a handful of times when a problem arises where it is unclear whether a solution lies within our code or server configuration. Contegix is able to use both their experience managing servers, as well as their Drupal knowledge to quickly track down the problem, and resolve it, where appropriate. We cannot recommend Contegix enough."
Winn Jewett, Sand Stone Media
"A decision to use Contegix makes everyone look good. No worries, no problems and no excuses.”
Ruth Hoffman, CEO, AESolves
“In my computer room, I really only have switches and routers. So that means no computers to speak of, no servers, no capital expenditures, no maintenance, no downtime for maintenance, no upgrades, no risk related to upgrades, no issues with scalability of the computer room in terms of space, no power, air conditioning or networking charges. It also means low risk in terms of disaster recovery and that IT staff spends less time maintaining the environment infrastructure. From that standpoint, Contegix provides a perfect service in terms of hosting what we need.”
Didier Bloch, Director of IT, Usablenet
“So far I'm very satisfied with the Contegix support. All our requests (although we had many) were handled very quickly. Everything works very stable without any issues.”
Mariusz Pala, Software Architect, Generis Corp
"When I asked the Atlassian sales team who had experience in supporting Confluence that could also host our site, they recommended Contegix. I am glad they did because my experience with Contegix has been excellent.”
Odette Wanders, CEO, Palliative Care Victoria
“The most important aspect for us is having a system that is always available to customers, and the very fast turnaround that Contegix has consistently shown in responding to our requests and tickets means that we can achieve that.”
James Kelleher, Generis Corp
“The Panera Bread web department is constantly deploying updates to the site and modifying content, design elements and functionality. Even during off-hours, when many of these updates are implemented, I can always rely on Contegix to support our efforts. No matter the time or day, I can reach someone who understands our needs and knows our account. It feels like Contegix is always giving us a high priority.”
Nick Brawley, Senior Web Manager, Panera Bread
"As a Drupal development shop, I recommend Contegix for mission critical and large Drupal sites. We work too hard to develop advanced functions in our Drupal applications to be let down by poor performance or spotty reliability. If we have developed a site, somehow, site outages and high response times are our responsibility. We partner with Contegix because they make us look good!"
Rick Nashleanas, Monarch Digital
“If you think about the value add that we’re offering to the community for the price of hosting with Contegix, that’s incredibly efficient.”
Odette Wanders, CEO, Palliative Care Victoria
“Contegix is largely responsible for our success, minding our complete infrastructure and keeping it stable. This frees us to focus on *our* customers, not our internal systems. They certainly have great people, and the engineers on their team are extremely strong in the net ops area and on Atlassian deployments.”
Ellen Feaheny, CEO, AppFusions
"We saved at least a few thousand a year, if not more, just by moving to Contegix. We’ve also saved our own time not having to follow through on a task we can just handoff to the support team to get done.”
Marc Johns, Associate Director for Information Services & System Architecture, Society of University and College Planning
“Contegix allows us to support and manage a thriving collaboration tool without a lot of effort on our part. Confluence is a tool that people trust and actually enjoy using. It continues to grow its footprint, it continues to improve, and having Contegix Go Beyond support for it is icing on the cake.”
Tom Crespi, Manager of Change Management, IT at Graybar
“Probably the only reason we never bothered to hire a networking or network administration person is because we’re so happy with what Contegix is able to do from a support point of view.”
CTO at a War-Gaming Company
“As a hosting environment, Contegix is extremely customer driven. They respond very quickly and they do what needs to be done, even if it is not exactly spelled out in the agreement. They are very easy to work with. I am very happy!”
Didier Bloch, Director of IT, Usablenet
“It was a piece of cake, It was unbelievable. I had my server here, I shipped it to them, they stuck it in and it was there. I was really apprehensive and not 100% convinced it was going to be that easy, but it was.”
Ruth Hoffman, CEO, AESolves
"We didn’t have someone that we could put on deploying, managing and upgrading all our applications, so we needed Contegix’s system administration skills, their experience deploying applications and their experience integrating the applications.”
Steve Masover, Information Technology Architect, University of California-Berkley, Project Bamboo
“Without Contegix, we would have had to outsource another IT project to people with expertise around supporting Confluence, if we could’ve found them. I had no confidence that other hosts would know what to do. That’s really a saving. They delivered a project at a lot lower price than the value it represents.”
Odette Wanders, CEO, Palliative Care Victoria
“At Sinu we count on the 24-hour support that Contegix provides as well as their high level talent. This round-the-clock service is unavailable with many of our vendors who only provide a skeleton crew in off hours. This level of service allows us to provide the best support possible to our customers.”
Larry Velez, CTO, Sinu
“Contegix is doing everything they should do, plus they actually go the extra mile. Short of giving me the winning lottery ticket, I can’t imagine what else they could do for me.”
Didier Bloch, Director of IT, Usablenet
"I was thoroughly impressed with the security, the layout of the building and the center itself.”
Ruth Hoffman, CEO, AESolves
“Working with the folks at Contegix gave us a comfort level that they knew what they were doing and we would receive the support that we need.”
Jeff Clark, CIO, RX Outreach
"With Contegix we were able to get really good answers to the questions we were asking from the people who clearly knew the technology very well. That turned out to be beneficial throughout our relationship because as we went live with the system, it was always very easy to get access to really smart people with great advice and really good information, which had not been the case with our prior hosting providers.”
Geoff Coffey, Owner, Six Fried Rice
"I’ve been blown away by the Contegix service because it is the first time I have had people proactively approach me just to see how we’re finding their service, if it is alright, and if there’s ever anything they can do better.”
Odette Wanders, CEO, Palliative Care Victoria
“When we were in a pinch, we could get a hold of somebody that really understood Linux based web hosting and could help us with complicated things. Truthfully you don’t find that with most hosting providers. Instead you find front line support guys who try to field all the calls and you’re often convincing them that they don’t know the problem well enough and you have to find someone else who does. We just never have that kind of problem with Contegix, ever.”
Geoff Coffey, Owner, Six Fried Rice
“I especially like Contegix because of their prompt, 24/7/365 Go BeyondTM support. Within five minutes of sending an email, they respond and the responses progress in due fashion until resolution. Email is like instant messaging for Contegix. It’s an added comfort to get quick, expert responses to our needs at all hours on any day of the week.”
Tom Crespi, Manager of Change Management, IT at Graybar
“We needed a hosting provider and we needed it now. From the signing of the contract to going live and cutting off the old system was a matter of days.”
Charles Urban, Senior Systems Engineer, Blade Technologies
“Contegix has been terrific from my point of view. They are very responsive to the issues we raise and to the times that we propose to have maintenance occur. They seem to always be on. I have not had a problem getting a hold of them day or night and all the work they do is done correctly.”
Steve Masover, Information Technology Architect, University of California Berkley
“Now that we manage Atlassian through Contegix, we can develop with confidence knowing that there will be no changes to the rules governing the applications.”
Odette Wanders, CEO, Palliative Care Victoria
“Over the last year, Flite has grown by 400% and now reaches over 100 million unique users each month. Contegix has been by our side as we rapidly scale – helping us plan, troubleshoot and build out an infrastructure to support our growth and its demands. Their attention to detail and impressive level of expertise made this whole process go smoothly. For businesses with scaling needs, we certainly recommend the experts at Contegix.”
Giles Goodwin, Co-Founder, Flite
"The Contegix team continually strives to produce quality work. They want to make a great product and treat the customer right. Contegix treats their customer’s business like it is their business, which is really important for my relationship with my clients.”
Charles Urban, Senior Systems Engineer, Blade Technologies