Why Service Desk Teams Choose JIRA Service Desk

In today’s competitive markets, being able to set your company above the rest in both customer service and online resource availability is an essential part of building a sustainable future. Creating a seamless customer experience while managing efficient internal processes to support it has become a high priority for service desk teams looking to meet and exceed industry-specific service level benchmarks.

To aid them in their service level goals, many companies have invested in enterprise solutions like Jira Service Desk, giving them the tools they need to manage and automate their workloads effectively and efficiently. Jira Service Desk offers a number collaboration and business metric tools that help companies continuously provide the best customer service experience possible, while supporting their long-term growth initiatives.

Here are four reasons why service desk teams rely on Jira Service Desk to help manage their day-to-day processes:

Automated Task Management

Jira Service Desk is an innovative service desk platform that enables service teams to provide end-to-end services to their customers. It does this by giving service the ability to automate as much of their internal processes as needed through custom support triggers, automated support desk actions, and regular support ticket assignments. The intuitive nature of Jira Service Desk handles all the repetitive tasks that service teams face on a day-to-day basis, so that they can instead, concentrate on solving more critical issues. This also allows service teams to stay on top of their SLA goals and more easily track the status of support tickets from start to finish.

Real-Time Collaboration Tools

For service teams to manage their support tickets efficiently, it’s important that they utilize and maintain an effective way of communicating with customers and other support team members. Jira Service Desk gives customers and agents the ability to attach files and screenshots directly into their support tickets, making it much easier to communicate and diagnose issues. Internal team members can directly collaborate with other agents by attaching them to support tickets whenever applicable. As these tickets go through their life cycle, each support case can be assigned with custom labels, enabling better categorization to identify and look up past issues quickly. This customizability gives teams the ability to recognize trends with specific customer service issues and create additional processes to address them.

Efficient Knowledge Base Management

Company knowledge bases can be an excellent source of information and are designed to help customers quickly find the answers they need without needing to contact customer service teams. Keeping these information hubs updated regularly is extremely easy through Jira Service Desk. The knowledge base can be managed directly through the service desk platform and agents can directly attach relevant articles into their support tickets. It is also possible to track each of the service articles directly through the knowledge base and learn valuable insights about their usefulness. As customers comment on the satisfaction rate of each of these support references, teams will be able to identify areas of improvement and continuously develop these information sources effectively over time.

Service Desk Performance Metrics

Through Jira Service Desk, service team members can monitor their performance through detailed metrics at every level of the customer service experience. Some of the areas that can be measured are total workloads (number of tickets resolved), SLA goals and if they are being met, customer satisfaction levels, and incident reports. Each of these metrics can be measured in user-specific dashboards, beneficial for agents working on multiple projects and managing different levels of customer support.

Jira Service Desk is a powerful end-to-end service platform that enables teams with the ability to automate their processes while providing higher levels of support to their customers. Through its automation capabilities, real-time collaboration tools, and performance metric tracking, Jira Service Desk continues to be a valuable asset for any company wishing to set their customer service standards apart from the competition.